Monday, February 27, 2006

A Plea for Mercy

On our way home from Nate's parents house yesterday (We went there for lunch and naps.), we were discussing our finances. Not that we're in dire straits, but you know...planning carefully for the little one. Well, we turned onto our street, and Nate says, "You gotta be kidding me!" And I see the flashing lights behind us. WHAT? He definitely wasn't speeding, and his registration is up to date... what in the world? So the officers--yes, both of them--got out and flanked us on either side. What, are we Bonnie and Clyde? The head cop says, "I stopped you because your license plate cover is covering your registration sticker. So that's obstruction, because it isn't visible. I'll be right back."

Again, WHAT??? Nate just shook his head, but I got all teary-eyed and started praying. "Lord, you just heard us talking wisely about the money you've given us! We tithe and save and pay our bills on time and live simply! PLEEEEEASE don't make us pay a ticket!"

Well, the cop came back and said, "You're all set; you need to make your sticker visible right away. Have a nice evening."

Thank you, Lord!


Shyla said...

Nothing will make you lose your lunch quicker than blue and red lights!
Praise the Lord for the warning! Maybe if THEY had been in church that AM they would've removed the beam from their own eye first! LOL
Who knew you needed to budget for tickets! :)