Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Latest News...

Well, the latest news is that I'm going to be a mommy! Yes, Nate and I are expecting our first baby, due in September. I am 9 weeks along, and the little Peanut is growing steadily in utero! We told my family while we were in WI for the tournament, and we told Nate's family tonight. We're thrilled and almost positive that it will have massive quantities of curly hair!


Shyla said...

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! I can't wait for our little one to meet it's brillo head buddy!

Are you feeling sick? Don't worry! It will pass!!

I am soooo excited for you. This occasion calls for a phone call!

I will talk to you soon!

momma shy and baby rohrer

Heather said...


Congratulations!! I will be praying that the next few months will be healthy ones for you and your little one.


nate, christina, and connor said...

woo-hoo! how exciting!! september's a great month....connor was born sept. 6th. there's just enough of a window before snow flies to get out and enjoy some fresh air before hybernating with a squirmy little one. :-)


Alicia said...


Congratulations on your pregnancy! What an exciting time for you and Nate. Enjoy it - it's an amazing thing to watch God grow a little life inside you.

Thanks too for posting a comment on my blog. I graduated with Nate but never really got to know him as he was such a quiet fellow. I believe he dated one of my best gal pals for awhile though - Colleen. I will mention you to Matt although he is notorious for forgetting names of people. I worked (and still work part-time) for Concordia University Wisconsin for the last 2 years in their graduate nursing dept. I now work part time for them helping produce their online courses. How does Nate like coaching for Concordia?

Thanks again for making contact! It's such a blast and so very encouraging to be a part of this little Christian blogging community.


Troy & Sherry said...

I was in Nate's class and we harassed him quite a bit. Tell him Sherry Syroteuk (now Cole) says hello. Congratulations on the baby news. Troy and I are newlyweds as well :)
Talk to you again.

Amanda said...

just wanted to say congrats to you both on your little one.
I am a NBBC alumi too. I found your blog off of other's blogs.
thought i'd say hey.
Amanda (Turnbow) Trumbull

Pat Huber said...

To My Other Daughter,
Your "Other Mother" here. So happy to hear your exciting news! I sure miss the days when you and Becky hung around the house. It's pretty quiet since she left. Stop in to see me when you're in town, okay?! Or drop me a note at Hope I hear from you soon!

Love, Your Other Mother