Thursday, December 01, 2005

The past 2 weeks

How quickly the time flees! I thought to myself, "I haven't blogged in about a week!" Actually, it's been more like 2! I can't believe it's December. Happy birthday month, Mom! :)

Well, Thanksgiving was so great--we went to WI. My nephew Malachi is so BIG! He's almost 5 months now, and he is darling. I teared up when we left. We had a terrible drive to WI; the usual 8-hour drive stretched out into almost 11 hours. Grrr! But we got there Wednesday evening and left Saturday morning. It was wonderful to see my parents and grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. We had 33 at dinner! Friday Mom and I did a little shopping, which is always nice.

I was supposed to watch Leighton and Malachi yesterday, but Kelley (their mom) was sick, so I had the day off! Yay! I cleaned my house--well, at least the first floor--really thoroughly. I even moved furniture and wiped the baseboards (gross). I also ran some errands and finished decorating. Now all we need is the tree, which we're getting tonight! :)

Today I'm watching the boys, but they're coming here, since my car is in the shop. The passenger side door handle broke... again. Last time it happened, it cost a couple hundred bucks. The usual--25 dollar part, 200 dollar labor! But this time, a friend of ours is going to try to fix it, so it will (hopefully) be a LOT cheaper! (And Zempels, if you're reading this, don't feel badly! Actually, we're looking into selling it! :( It's just not practical for hauling children around!) (No, not MY children!)

Nate's leaving tomorrow morning and won't be back til Saturday night. He's got a tournament in Ohio. Maybe I'll get Chinese and a movie.

Hope your Thanksgiving was super! Happy December!


Shyla said...

Hey! Sounds like you have been busy! Don't you love owning a house?! My Nate and I decorated our tree last weekend and I decorated most of the house. I cleaned the entire house (Main floor - which is practically the ENTIRE house!!) :) and then we brought home the tree, decorated, made a mess and then cleaned all over again! Atleast it was just picking up then - all the nitty gritty was over!
I broke out the maternity clothes this week! Sunday AM was my "coming out" debut and everyone who wouldn't have otherwise, felt compelled to squeal and touch my tummy! It was fun (thankfully the service started before it was irritating!) I bought a dress online last year at eddie bauer - super cute charcoal grey, short, black trim...anyway, when i got it in the mail, it was like 2 sizes too big (even though I ordered my size!) So, I have been bummed (and reminded by my husband of my purchase when he's in the closet and sees it with tags hanging on it) that i couldn't wear it because I wasn't about it eat to fit into it!! But, alas alack! Being 5 months pregnant lends itself to it being a cute maternity dress that I wore to work today! LOL! Anyway, I will let you go! I had a feeling you had updated your site so I checked in again and I was right! :)
Take care!