Tuesday, December 06, 2005


This is my friend Linda (below, on the left). She called me Karen Baby, and I called her Linda Baby. I don't remember who started it or why. Anyway, Linda was my very favorite coworker. She absolutely loved her job; she threw herself into each task with energy and vigor. She was so funny, but she didn't know it. I think those people are the funniest. She was forever an optimist, always upbeat and positive.

When I moved here to MI, we e-mailed occasionally to keep in touch. Whenever I visited home, I'd always try to stop in at work and say hello, and she was always so excited to see me. She was always asking me whether I had met anyone or was interested in anyone. When I told her I was engaged, she gushed and smiled. She attended my wedding last year and just beamed at me as I walked down the aisle.

Well, in June Linda Baby found out she had advanced lung cancer. She e-mailed me, prattling on about all the trite tidbits that I had told her about. Then, she said, "I hate to write with bad news, but I was at the doctor..." She asked me to pray for her. So I did. And I told her I did, in many e-mails and letters. She wrote again in mid-October, sharing silly things about her coworkers and her kids, her new refrigerator. Then she thanked me for praying for her. She said, "I'm thankful that I have as many good days as I've been having. I guess the good Lord knows what is best...what will be will be."

Sadly, Linda passed away last week. I'm so glad I wrote her frequently, especially in the last few months. I do wish that I could have seen her while I was home for Thanksgiving, even though it probably wouldn't have been as pleasant as old times. And I'm really sad that I couldn't attend her memorial service yesterday. But I have some really fantastic memories, several e-mails, and a few pictures of her. She was definitely one of my favorite people. Goodbye, Linda Baby.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Precious.
Love you lots, Papa